Short and Quick Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsWedding photography is one of the best industries to get into. After all, when you get to think of it, is has all of the best elements for a seriously commercial and lucrative success if taken on as a profession. These tips are nothing major and as a matter of fact, it will surprise you how an accumulation of simple and easy tips will really make it work for you as a photographer who is starting out in the wedding photography industry.

Make the bride look pretty

First things first, if you want to get any kind of appreciation at all, you need to make sure that you are able to make the bride look pretty. Pose the bride appropriately and make sure that all the right frames and angles are done right to make the bride look the best that she can get to be in the photos. Make sure that the hands are placed and bent slightly away from the body, one foot in front of the other, and with the torso slightly twisted for that lean looking silhouette. Play around with the shadows a little too and make it work for you and for the bride.

Play around with the tilting of the camera

Achange of perspective is always fun and playful and brings in a sort of edge that really plays on the creativity and balances out the serious and posed photos with the more fun ones. In using this kind of trick, it pays to have a steady hand so as to minimize blur.

Frame the lines of the photos you take

This is particularly nice to look at when the bride and groom are framed nicely in all of the right details such as architectural lines, manicured trimmed trees, and so on and so forth. It also helps bring in the symmetry of all of the details.

Go low on your perspective

Taking your photos from down there will the photos look creative and original. There’s also a certain magic that comes with having the subjects of the photos look down on the camera. There is a ring of mystery to it that is not very easy to explain.

Be a little more technical with your flash. It helps if you invest in a few accessories or so. You should get a flash bracket with great quality. You should also invest in an external flash gun. The reason why this is great for Seattle wedding photography is because the flash sits a few more inches above of the camera which means the exposure is not as crude as opposed to using the camera’s built in one.

Try to also invest in a telephoto lens and preferably with a tripod. This will bring in your trick shots that add up to the personality and art factor on the filming of the entire wedding event. As you can see, these tips really aren’t that hard nor are they anything particularly expensive to invest in and a beginner photographer should be able to pull it off successfully without that much of a hitch.

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