Why You Should Film In Raw As a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyWhat is it about RAW images that make them so different from other formats? RAW images take up far more memory space than the JPEG ones ever could, and with good reason. RAW files are basically data that are being recorded directly from the camera’s sensor. It means that all of the supporting details for the images are still relatively intact. It is not auto edited and instead gives you the option to decide on what kind of editing approaches you may want to apply it to. The closest analogy between RAW and JPEG would have to be RAW being the data captured directly by the human eye whereas JPEG is data that is processed by the brain and then projected to an external source after the info has been gleaned from the eyes. This kind of difference matters to a Los Angeles wedding photographer who is keen on the quality of his photos.

With RAW images, you are able to make edits or any other kinds of adjustments and changes without actually touching the original data.

You probably have not delved too much into this just yet but just so you know, when it comes to the post shoot editing part of the process in wedding photography, RAW will let you edit and make different edited versions without ever changing anything on the original file. This means that you get your images intact even if you make some editing mistakes. You can always just go back and start again. JPEG will not let you do that. You make changes and make the mistake of saving them and your original file is gone forever because it will save the new version you have just created.

You get less banding and better gradation in print if the images are in RAW format.

It might probably strike you as a bit odd on how print versions of the photos may still matter but they actually do. Maybe it is out of posterity or maybe some people still like to hold onto something tangible at some point but prints still matter a lot. RAW hands down delivers better print images because of the wide range of gradation it offers and because it is able to drastically minimize banding – which kills print quality.

When you shoot your images in RAW, you will be able to use different kinds of color spaces on your images whenever and wherever.

What this means is that the wedding photographer gets the freedom that he wants and needs when it comes to the editing part of the process. This option is not readily available to those who opt to film their images in JPEG. That in itself should be reason enough for you to go for RAW over JPEG at any time of the day.

Shooting in RAW is just hands down the most professional option out there.

You are able to easily control issues like blown highlights and banding and thus you are able to ensure that you are delivering the best possible quality of photos out to your clients.

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Wedding Photographer Traits You Should Look For

wedding photography tipsIf you are looking to hire out a wedding photographer for your career, there are several things that you would need to take stock of. You need to take a quick step back and just go over the entire situation and assess things before you get to make any kinds of major decisions. There are a few basic pointers that you can more or less take note of. Be advised well ahead of time that you are not by any means required to make your hiring decisions purely based off of these particular pointers but these are things that should be well noted about when looking for someone to cover one of the most important days of your life. Weddings are beautiful and memorable and they are far and few in between and that is why when you get a chance to organize one, you should treat it as special as it is.

Check out venue

You want a wedding photographer who goes through the extra efforts of really checking out the wedding venue well ahead of time. This is something that is not required, and it isn’t even part of the contract that the photographer and the client agrees upon but a true professional will pull through and will actually visit the place and even propose a few practice shots here and there (ideally with you as the subject). Visiting the venue a few days before the actual wedding day will give him the advantage of being more familiar with the place. He will also gain the advantage of having an idea about how the shadows and light falls. He will also know exactly where to position himself once the actual day comes in. And more importantly, he will know where to position you and your guests as well.

Take care of gear

A professional wedding photographer should also know how to take care of his gear. He should know how to prepare for contingencies and for all of the possibilities well ahead of time. There should be extra cameras packed and ready to go. There should be all the extra memory cards and all the extra batteries that anyone can ever want or need. You want to look for someone who loves his gear and who is always prepared for the worst, regardless of what happens.


You also want someone who has a presence that is respectable enough for the guests in your wedding even to listen to. You want someone that people would want to listen to without them feeling that he is being unbearable or undeniably bossy or anything of the like. You want someone who knows how to put minor distractions aside such as camera sounds, and knows how to minimize the camera flashes, and so on and so forth. These are just little things in between but these little things really do matter a lot because they can add up and the overall disposition of a York wedding photographer can really make or break the difference between a mediocre wedding photographer and a really great and professional one.

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Newborn Photography Props to Invest In

newborn photography tipsNewborn photography may sound like something that people just opt to do for fun but you will be surprised to know that this is something that can really turn out to be a major livelihood source. Babies are born every day and most people, regardless of culture or background, will always go out of their way to document the pictures of their children as babies. Childhood is a passing phase but it is so precious. As a matter of fact, it is precious enough for people to want to spend money in immortalizing it in pictures.

Props make up a huge part of newborn baby photography. We wanted to write an article that sort of provides newbies with a guide to the absolute basics so that you will at least know where to start if this is something that you would like to try out because at some point, there will be clients who will be asking if this is something that you can do and this is an opportunity that should not be passed up.

1. Get a sturdy and black stretchy cloth.

This will be your basic blanket. There are a lot of stores out there who will sell this out to you for roughly around ten dollars or less. You do not need anything fancy. You just need to go with something very basic and durable so that you will be able to use this for a long time. There are times where less is more and when you get to think about it, newborn photography is all about the baby. Make it about the baby and make the baby the focal point of everything and you can never go wrong. You can pair this up with other props too in the process but this will always serve as a really excellent base.

2. Invest in a lot of blankets, wraps and furs that are soft to the touch.

If there is one thing that babies love doing aside from sleeping, it would have to be being wrapped comfortably and snugly. Blankets and wraps and anything of the like are perfect for babies. Invest in those that have interesting designs, patterns and textures and think about how it will come out in the photos. Since there are fabrics involved, you might as well make sure that you are able to take proper care of your fabrics. Wash them every single time. Babies tend to pee and barf and you need to make sure that everything is kept clean.

3. Lastly, get a nice stash of colorful and squeaky toys that will keep the baby entertained in between takes.

It is nice to keep them distracted every once in a while and this is something that can spell the difference between a minor irritated cry to a full blown tantrum. Again, make sure that you work on getting everything clean and spic and span. Disinfect them after every use and store them properly for the next shoot. Babies are fragile and their immune systems are not that well developed yet.


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Crucial Wedding Photography Tips for the Novice Photographer

wedding photography tipsBeing anxious and nervous over the first ever wedding event you are about to cover as a novice photographer is quite normal to feel. Wedding photography after all is a completely different ball game. The hours you put in are considerably longer and you have to make sure that you are able to deal with the crowd quite efficiently and gracefully as well. More than that, if this is something that you have never experienced before, even as just a secondary photographer in the background, then it would be wise to give a pass. Do not cover a wedding if you’ve never done wedding photography before. It will end up with a lot of disappointments and possibly anger and regret. Weddings are extremely charged with emotions and anxiety and adding on to those emotions with lack of experience just isn’t fair for the couple to be wed.

Gain experience

One thing that you can do though is to gain some kind of experience first. Consider it as a toe dipping in a pool, testing the waters first, before fully making the decision to jump in and swim in it. If you could find someone who will take you, offer to partner up or assist an actual professional and practicing wedding photographer essex and try to learn as much as you can all throughout the process. If this is something that may not be possible, practice as much as you can. Attend friends and relatives’ weddings without offering to be the official photographer but embarking on the journey of the full coverage anyways. Try to come up with the finished stills and have the couple take a look at them and find out how they feel about it. Who knows, if they like it enough, you might even get paid for it. The point is, you need to know what you’re doing before you even think about getting paid clients for your service.

More than one camera

You need to have more than just one camera for the event. A lot of unwanted things may happen in a wedding and when those unwanted things involve some issue with your gear and you don’t have any kind of backup whatsoever, you’re going to be missing a lot of shots which will ultimately ruin it for the blissful couple once they review your finished photos. The thing is, you can’t ask everyone to stop and wait while you get your gear fixed if something happens. And that’s why having an extra camera in tow is sort of your umbrella for a rainy day, if it ever comes.

Scout ahead

Scout the location ahead of time and initiate some practice shots just so that you get a feel for what the venue will be like come wedding day. The more you familiarize yourself with the location, the more you will be better able to prepare for any additional accessories you might not, and with how you will be giving instructions for the shots the moment the actual event day comes in. It will also enable you to analyze and come up with the compositions that you would like to do for the wedding day and how you will be able to string it together in a theme that will make sense to people when they take a look at your photos.

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