Crucial Wedding Photography Tips for the Novice Photographer

wedding photography tipsBeing anxious and nervous over the first ever wedding event you are about to cover as a novice photographer is quite normal to feel. Wedding photography after all is a completely different ball game. The hours you put in are considerably longer and you have to make sure that you are able to deal with the crowd quite efficiently and gracefully as well. More than that, if this is something that you have never experienced before, even as just a secondary photographer in the background, then it would be wise to give a pass. Do not cover a wedding if you’ve never done wedding photography before. It will end up with a lot of disappointments and possibly anger and regret. Weddings are extremely charged with emotions and anxiety and adding on to those emotions with lack of experience just isn’t fair for the couple to be wed.

Gain experience

One thing that you can do though is to gain some kind of experience first. Consider it as a toe dipping in a pool, testing the waters first, before fully making the decision to jump in and swim in it. If you could find someone who will take you, offer to partner up or assist an actual professional and practicing wedding photographer essex and try to learn as much as you can all throughout the process. If this is something that may not be possible, practice as much as you can. Attend friends and relatives’ weddings without offering to be the official photographer but embarking on the journey of the full coverage anyways. Try to come up with the finished stills and have the couple take a look at them and find out how they feel about it. Who knows, if they like it enough, you might even get paid for it. The point is, you need to know what you’re doing before you even think about getting paid clients for your service.

More than one camera

You need to have more than just one camera for the event. A lot of unwanted things may happen in a wedding and when those unwanted things involve some issue with your gear and you don’t have any kind of backup whatsoever, you’re going to be missing a lot of shots which will ultimately ruin it for the blissful couple once they review your finished photos. The thing is, you can’t ask everyone to stop and wait while you get your gear fixed if something happens. And that’s why having an extra camera in tow is sort of your umbrella for a rainy day, if it ever comes.

Scout ahead

Scout the location ahead of time and initiate some practice shots just so that you get a feel for what the venue will be like come wedding day. The more you familiarize yourself with the location, the more you will be better able to prepare for any additional accessories you might not, and with how you will be giving instructions for the shots the moment the actual event day comes in. It will also enable you to analyze and come up with the compositions that you would like to do for the wedding day and how you will be able to string it together in a theme that will make sense to people when they take a look at your photos.

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