Photographic Items For Your Wedding Photography

Wedding photography doesn’t only involve people.

wedding photographer yorkIt also involves those fancy trinkets decorating the tables and walls of the venue. Yes, we are talking about all inanimate objects that contributed to the weddings. It would be a huge crime if you were to skip them in the wedding photography. No matter how small they are, they still contributed to your wedding. This is enough reason to include them in the wedding photography. Your wedding photographer York won’t be able to resist snapping a few aesthetic shots of items decorating the wedding. As a client, you should encourage him. Think of them as fillers. They fill in the gaps which are created from shooting only humans. The small objects are what complete the wedding photography. If you don’t know what items to shoot, don’t worry here is a list.

The first set of items you should shoot is the papers.

Yes, from the invitation to the guest book. Always have your wedding photographer York capture shots of these beautiful pieces of paper. You should never skip out on the invitation. It is because of these that people actually attended your wedding. Plus, you probably spent a small fortune on them so, they are picture worthy. The invitation makes a good opening picture in your wedding albums. It is like stating that you are inviting the viewer to have a glance in your wedding album. The guest books should also be a priority. You need photographic evidence of the people who attended your wedding. Have your photographer artistically position the guestbook and invitations together. It will help the viewers of your wedding album feel that they really attended the wedding even if they haven’t. This is what wedding photography is all about.

The second set of items is the floral work.

A wedding will always require flowers. Having the wedding photographer York not take a portrait of the bride’s bouquet is a serious mortal sin. You should not do it. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the bouquet also has a symbolic value. It signifies the blooming love of the couple. You would also want a few shots of the floral centrepiece or archways. The main purpose is to give your viewers a view of your wedding. You want them to be able to picture out the whole glorious event. The flower decors will surely help in doing that. A few flower shots will also add colour to your wedding photography.

The third set of items is the jewellery.

Nothing says a glamorous wedding than a few shots of bling. From the Groom’s cufflinks down to the Bride’s earrings, a few jewellery shots never hurt anyone. In fact, they would add a lot of value in your wedding photography. Be sure to instruct your wedding photographer York to cover the fancy wedding jewellery. Opt to have a shot of the Bride’s jewellery together with the Groom’s on a fancy surface. Also, don’t forget about the rings. They are the most important part of wedding jewellery of them all. A shot of the wedding rings will make a great cover photo for the wedding album and take your wedding photography to the next level.

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