Important Things To Consider When Budgeting For The Wedding

Do you really need the cake?

Portsmouth wedding photographerIf you aren’t the type of person or bride who even fancies cakes in particular, there really isn’t any reason why you would have to force yourself to pay for an expensive one in the first place so try to see what you can have in lieu of the usual cake while you are at it. Instead of getting one, you can opt for a cookie bar or something that is equally delightful and sweet. You just really need to be ready enough to consider what you have in your list of options so far in order for you to end up making the best decisions ever for the wedding. You need to consider this from 2 directions all the time. Think about how much money it will save you and more than that, think about how much different it will make your theme turn out at the end of the day. Think about this all the time and you will surely be able to go ahead and strike up the right sort of balance for what you are trying to plan out for the wedding. A picturesque cake is nice and all that if it is something that you tend to care about in the first place. But if it isn’t, then there really isn’t any reason why you need to force yourself into paying for something as expensive as this if you don’t really enjoy it at the end of the day. A Portsmouth wedding photographer will be able to make the most out of a gorgeous looking cake, by the way.

Can you do your own favors?

Before you even get started on thinking about this, you should know right off the bat that although this is a nice extra touch to consider for so that your guests will have something to take home with them after the wedding reception, this is not that much of a necessity. It’s alright to end the wedding without having some favors to give out to them. But then again, if this is the type of thing that you feel strongly about, then by all means, you should go ahead and oblige yourself. It would be a huge savings on your end though if you try to get your wedding favors done yourself. You can even bring in the rest of your bridesmaids and sort of make it a fun activity that you can delve into. Make sure that your Portsmouth wedding photographer includes these wedding favors in his shots as much as possible.

Hit up your own entertainment.

Do you sing? Does your partner sing? Do you have friends who can sing or play instruments or something similar to that? Perhaps you can book them for your entertainment instead of worrying about how much money you are going to end up paying them somewhere along the way, you should just enlist the help of your friends and the rest of your family instead.

Limit the number of bridesmaids.

You will be footing the bill for a part of their dress costs, if not all of it and his is good enough money that you would have used to top up your package with your Portsmouth wedding photographer instead.

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