When 2 Months Before The Wedding

Mail out your invites.

wedding photographer hampshireYou need to know for sure that the people that you are planning to invite to your wedding actually get to receive the wedding invitations in the first place, then you better get started on sending them out. Electronic wedding invites are fine and all that as they don’t really cost that much money or anything at all in the first place. You get to send them instantaneously and your guests are bound to go ahead and receive them almost right away as well. This is not the type of thing that you would want to mess with or delay at any point in time. You need to know how many people are coming to your wedding and what this equates to in terms of the costs.

Your wedding vendors such as your wedding venue, your wedding photographer Hampshire and most especially your caterers. The more exact your list is, the more accurately they will be when it comes to mapping things out accordingly. If you don’t think you will be able to remember this, then at least make sure that you go ahead and delegate the task to someone that you can trust and to someone that you can expect to really deliver for you after all has been said and done. Make sure that you don’t forget about the importance of this. It might seem old fashioned and a little outdated at times but remember that your guests don’t really get to have the same type of experience in getting a mailed paper invite compared to a virtual one. It’s all about the extra touches that can really give your invites that extra mile so go for it as much as you can.

Write your vows down.

Even if you see yourself as someone who tends to have a bit of flair with words and that you can talk at any time and regardless of the situation, you are bound to run across some sort of difficulty especially when you are right in the center of everyone. That can be tough and you might end up being at a loss for words, resulting to really awkward moments. This is something that you can avoid by writing your wedding vows down ahead of time instead. The best part about this is that you can actually enlist the help of people close to you if you can’t seem to put your efforts into words. It’s similar to properly prepping before a big exam. Yes, your words should always be true and straight from the heart but they also need to be well organized for the guests and most especially, for your partner to be able to properly appreciate what you’re saying in the first place. You can even get it written down in calligraphy or printed out in a fancy font for your wedding photographer Hampshire to get to shoot some photos of at the end of the day.

Purchase your wedding party gifts.

This way, you can give them out to your inner wedding party during the rehearsal dinner. Things are bound to get pretty crazy after the wedding and you might not be able to properly give them out to the people you want to show your appreciation for.

Book your stylists.

You need the best of the best but more than that, you need stylists whose preferences and strengths are similar to the pegs that you have been aiming for in your wedding look.

Go for a makeup and hair style run.

This way, you get to at least see ahead of time what your look will be and you can even bring your wedding photographer Hampshire along for a practice shoot.

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Cool Ideas For A Summer Wedding

Give out sunglasses for favors.

wedding photographers bournemouthSummers can be fun but they also come along with the sun’s punishing glare and if you would like your guests to get the most out of the experience outdoors, then sunglasses will actually turn out to be interesting and practical favors all in one. Think of it like the aspect of hitting two birds with one stone. You get to do something fun for the wedding and you get to give out a party favour that your guests can use all the time, even well after the wedding. You don’t have to go for anything designer or branded because that can cost a lot of money.

There are a lot of discount and cheap sunglasses that are just as classy looking if you know where to look. You can even order them out in bulk and get a huge discount for them somewhere along the way. Summers are meant to be sunny and perhaps at times even meant to be a little humid and there really is no hard in that for as long as you keep your guests in mind all the time. An outdoor setting and venue will be just fine for as long as you get to keep these glasses handy one way or the other so think about it and perhaps include it in your list of must-buys when you are getting in touch with your wedding planners and coordinators. More than that, it will save your wedding photographers Bournemouth from the horrors of photographing a bunch of people who are all squinting because the sun’s light is hurting their eyes.

Put in parasols in a basket.

This is something that you can really play around with. You can pull this off with a Japanese themed wedding or with a summer themed one. You can be as colourful or as monochromatic as you would like to be and no one will complain about it. More than that, it wouldn’t hurt at all to let your guests know that you wouldn’t want them to get fried in the paralysing heat that most of the summer days usually bring along with them. You might even make it as a part of your bridal outfit if you are willing enough to be daring and different. A happy and creative bride can pull off anything and everything and that is all that you technically need to know! Imagine your wedding photographers Bournemouth capturing shots of well synchronized groups with parasols as accessories. It will be one for the books and something that you should keep at the back of your mind all of the time.

Get your bartender to serve signature cocktails.

A great bartender can whip one up for you with the drop of a hat and this is the kind of thing that you can actually look forward to in all of the best ways. Make sure that you talk to your bartender in advance about it. If you happen to serve them killer summer cocktails, they’ll be talking about your wedding long after it is over.

Have a poolside reception.

Who doesn’t like a good pool? Everybody loves pool parties and this is just the kind of thing that could turn out to make your wedding unique so have a go at it.

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Décor Ideas For An Asian Themed Wedding

Bamboo touches

asian wedding photographyIf you would like to go for an Asian theme for the wedding, then you can be rest assured that bamboo will turn out to be a really easy and cost effective. It is the type of material that you can go ahead and buy in bulk and something that you can get for a discount virtually anywhere you may be in the world. If you are planning an Asian wedding, then this should be the first material on your list. Seek out a supplier for bamboo touches. It can be in the form of decorative elements, furniture, wedding favors, or pretty much anything else that you could possibly think about. The thing about bamboo is the fact that it is actually something that can be fashioned into anything. There are even bowls, cutlery, knives, hair pieces, and yes, even jewellery made out of bamboo. There is a really rustic and Asian feel to it that you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to bring it along with you when you are thinking about pulling through with an Asian theme for the wedding. Don’t overdo it though. You want your wedding to feel Asian, not feel like a farmstead. Everything in moderation is ok so try to remember that as much as you possibly can.

Twigs, flowers, and perhaps some driftwood

This can be really great embellishments to your overall wedding venue décor. You can put them on the tables. You can put some of them in the photo op area. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of opportunities that you can use to play around when it comes to things like this so make sure that you get them checked out the right way when it all comes down to it. Mind you, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Talk to your wedding coordinator and just let him or her know what you would like these elements added at some point or so. They will give you some suggestions somewhere along the way and all that you technically need to do is give them your yes or your no when they are providing you with the options that they would like to include in your wedding setup. You get to call the shots at the end of the day. You are the client, after all. Get some insights from your Asian wedding photography professional as well as he is bound to have some really great suggestions, being the visual arts expert and all that.

Paper fans are the bomb

You can DIY them too! Put them up against a backdrop and get a really impressive spread Asian wedding photography for your shoot. This can make quite a visual impact to what you are trying to pull off for the wedding so try to keep tabs of options like this all the time when you are trying to warm up to the idea. You can even change up the colors. Go for those that are vibrant and eye catching.

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