When 2 Months Before The Wedding

Mail out your invites.

wedding photographer hampshireYou need to know for sure that the people that you are planning to invite to your wedding actually get to receive the wedding invitations in the first place, then you better get started on sending them out. Electronic wedding invites are fine and all that as they don’t really cost that much money or anything at all in the first place. You get to send them instantaneously and your guests are bound to go ahead and receive them almost right away as well. This is not the type of thing that you would want to mess with or delay at any point in time. You need to know how many people are coming to your wedding and what this equates to in terms of the costs.

Your wedding vendors such as your wedding venue, your wedding photographer Hampshire and most especially your caterers. The more exact your list is, the more accurately they will be when it comes to mapping things out accordingly. If you don’t think you will be able to remember this, then at least make sure that you go ahead and delegate the task to someone that you can trust and to someone that you can expect to really deliver for you after all has been said and done. Make sure that you don’t forget about the importance of this. It might seem old fashioned and a little outdated at times but remember that your guests don’t really get to have the same type of experience in getting a mailed paper invite compared to a virtual one. It’s all about the extra touches that can really give your invites that extra mile so go for it as much as you can.

Write your vows down.

Even if you see yourself as someone who tends to have a bit of flair with words and that you can talk at any time and regardless of the situation, you are bound to run across some sort of difficulty especially when you are right in the center of everyone. That can be tough and you might end up being at a loss for words, resulting to really awkward moments. This is something that you can avoid by writing your wedding vows down ahead of time instead. The best part about this is that you can actually enlist the help of people close to you if you can’t seem to put your efforts into words. It’s similar to properly prepping before a big exam. Yes, your words should always be true and straight from the heart but they also need to be well organized for the guests and most especially, for your partner to be able to properly appreciate what you’re saying in the first place. You can even get it written down in calligraphy or printed out in a fancy font for your wedding photographer Hampshire to get to shoot some photos of at the end of the day.

Purchase your wedding party gifts.

This way, you can give them out to your inner wedding party during the rehearsal dinner. Things are bound to get pretty crazy after the wedding and you might not be able to properly give them out to the people you want to show your appreciation for.

Book your stylists.

You need the best of the best but more than that, you need stylists whose preferences and strengths are similar to the pegs that you have been aiming for in your wedding look.

Go for a makeup and hair style run.

This way, you get to at least see ahead of time what your look will be and you can even bring your wedding photographer Hampshire along for a practice shoot.

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Cool Ideas For A Summer Wedding

Give out sunglasses for favors.

wedding photographers bournemouthSummers can be fun but they also come along with the sun’s punishing glare and if you would like your guests to get the most out of the experience outdoors, then sunglasses will actually turn out to be interesting and practical favors all in one. Think of it like the aspect of hitting two birds with one stone. You get to do something fun for the wedding and you get to give out a party favour that your guests can use all the time, even well after the wedding. You don’t have to go for anything designer or branded because that can cost a lot of money.

There are a lot of discount and cheap sunglasses that are just as classy looking if you know where to look. You can even order them out in bulk and get a huge discount for them somewhere along the way. Summers are meant to be sunny and perhaps at times even meant to be a little humid and there really is no hard in that for as long as you keep your guests in mind all the time. An outdoor setting and venue will be just fine for as long as you get to keep these glasses handy one way or the other so think about it and perhaps include it in your list of must-buys when you are getting in touch with your wedding planners and coordinators. More than that, it will save your wedding photographers Bournemouth from the horrors of photographing a bunch of people who are all squinting because the sun’s light is hurting their eyes.

Put in parasols in a basket.

This is something that you can really play around with. You can pull this off with a Japanese themed wedding or with a summer themed one. You can be as colourful or as monochromatic as you would like to be and no one will complain about it. More than that, it wouldn’t hurt at all to let your guests know that you wouldn’t want them to get fried in the paralysing heat that most of the summer days usually bring along with them. You might even make it as a part of your bridal outfit if you are willing enough to be daring and different. A happy and creative bride can pull off anything and everything and that is all that you technically need to know! Imagine your wedding photographers Bournemouth capturing shots of well synchronized groups with parasols as accessories. It will be one for the books and something that you should keep at the back of your mind all of the time.

Get your bartender to serve signature cocktails.

A great bartender can whip one up for you with the drop of a hat and this is the kind of thing that you can actually look forward to in all of the best ways. Make sure that you talk to your bartender in advance about it. If you happen to serve them killer summer cocktails, they’ll be talking about your wedding long after it is over.

Have a poolside reception.

Who doesn’t like a good pool? Everybody loves pool parties and this is just the kind of thing that could turn out to make your wedding unique so have a go at it.

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Décor Ideas For An Asian Themed Wedding

Bamboo touches

asian wedding photographyIf you would like to go for an Asian theme for the wedding, then you can be rest assured that bamboo will turn out to be a really easy and cost effective. It is the type of material that you can go ahead and buy in bulk and something that you can get for a discount virtually anywhere you may be in the world. If you are planning an Asian wedding, then this should be the first material on your list. Seek out a supplier for bamboo touches. It can be in the form of decorative elements, furniture, wedding favors, or pretty much anything else that you could possibly think about. The thing about bamboo is the fact that it is actually something that can be fashioned into anything. There are even bowls, cutlery, knives, hair pieces, and yes, even jewellery made out of bamboo. There is a really rustic and Asian feel to it that you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to bring it along with you when you are thinking about pulling through with an Asian theme for the wedding. Don’t overdo it though. You want your wedding to feel Asian, not feel like a farmstead. Everything in moderation is ok so try to remember that as much as you possibly can.

Twigs, flowers, and perhaps some driftwood

This can be really great embellishments to your overall wedding venue décor. You can put them on the tables. You can put some of them in the photo op area. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of opportunities that you can use to play around when it comes to things like this so make sure that you get them checked out the right way when it all comes down to it. Mind you, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Talk to your wedding coordinator and just let him or her know what you would like these elements added at some point or so. They will give you some suggestions somewhere along the way and all that you technically need to do is give them your yes or your no when they are providing you with the options that they would like to include in your wedding setup. You get to call the shots at the end of the day. You are the client, after all. Get some insights from your Asian wedding photography professional as well as he is bound to have some really great suggestions, being the visual arts expert and all that.

Paper fans are the bomb

You can DIY them too! Put them up against a backdrop and get a really impressive spread Asian wedding photography for your shoot. This can make quite a visual impact to what you are trying to pull off for the wedding so try to keep tabs of options like this all the time when you are trying to warm up to the idea. You can even change up the colors. Go for those that are vibrant and eye catching.

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Photographic Items For Your Wedding Photography

Wedding photography doesn’t only involve people.

wedding photographer yorkIt also involves those fancy trinkets decorating the tables and walls of the venue. Yes, we are talking about all inanimate objects that contributed to the weddings. It would be a huge crime if you were to skip them in the wedding photography. No matter how small they are, they still contributed to your wedding. This is enough reason to include them in the wedding photography. Your wedding photographer York won’t be able to resist snapping a few aesthetic shots of items decorating the wedding. As a client, you should encourage him. Think of them as fillers. They fill in the gaps which are created from shooting only humans. The small objects are what complete the wedding photography. If you don’t know what items to shoot, don’t worry here is a list.

The first set of items you should shoot is the papers.

Yes, from the invitation to the guest book. Always have your wedding photographer York capture shots of these beautiful pieces of paper. You should never skip out on the invitation. It is because of these that people actually attended your wedding. Plus, you probably spent a small fortune on them so, they are picture worthy. The invitation makes a good opening picture in your wedding albums. It is like stating that you are inviting the viewer to have a glance in your wedding album. The guest books should also be a priority. You need photographic evidence of the people who attended your wedding. Have your photographer artistically position the guestbook and invitations together. It will help the viewers of your wedding album feel that they really attended the wedding even if they haven’t. This is what wedding photography is all about.

The second set of items is the floral work.

A wedding will always require flowers. Having the wedding photographer York not take a portrait of the bride’s bouquet is a serious mortal sin. You should not do it. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the bouquet also has a symbolic value. It signifies the blooming love of the couple. You would also want a few shots of the floral centrepiece or archways. The main purpose is to give your viewers a view of your wedding. You want them to be able to picture out the whole glorious event. The flower decors will surely help in doing that. A few flower shots will also add colour to your wedding photography.

The third set of items is the jewellery.

Nothing says a glamorous wedding than a few shots of bling. From the Groom’s cufflinks down to the Bride’s earrings, a few jewellery shots never hurt anyone. In fact, they would add a lot of value in your wedding photography. Be sure to instruct your wedding photographer York to cover the fancy wedding jewellery. Opt to have a shot of the Bride’s jewellery together with the Groom’s on a fancy surface. Also, don’t forget about the rings. They are the most important part of wedding jewellery of them all. A shot of the wedding rings will make a great cover photo for the wedding album and take your wedding photography to the next level.

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Vital Reasons Why You Need a Professional for Your Baby Photoshoot

baby photoshootWhen you get beautiful pictures of your newborn baby, it is one of the best gifts to give to your baby. But do you know that taking a nice baby photoshoot is not too easy and this is one aspect of photography that even professional photographers don’t really indulge in because it is a very sensitive part of photography.

When you have a newborn you definitely need the services of a photographer who is experienced and skillful and here are reasons why you need one.

  • Your baby is safe

A good newborn photographer knows that the safety of the baby is the number one thing that is needed when it comes to newborn photography. A newborn photographer relies on the fact that both parents stay behind the scenes and wait as their baby is photographed. This can be really difficult especially when your baby has to pose with props which might tamper with the safety of the child.

A professional newborn photographer has the experience and this is because he has worked with many babies in the past. This photographer knows the trick of how to photograph a newborn child with props.

  • Your newborn photographer has good planning

When it comes to baby photoshoot you need to plan. Before that newborn photoshoot session, you and the photographer will plan about the props, poses and the dress that will suit the baby and have the best photo shoot session for your newborn baby.

A professional baby photographer will surely create the best environment for your newborn baby. He/she will make sure your baby is comfortable and safe. A professional have the best photography studio that will make your child feel at home.

  • A professional know how to work with these fragile subjects

Some babies are born prematurely; to work with these type of kids you need to have skills. A professional baby photographer has good knowledge about how to work with the tininest babies. This photographer will handle your baby carefully and will photograph this baby in a perfect way.

When you have a baby photoshoot session with this expert behind the camera, you will surely have breathtaking photos that will be appealing to you and also your child when he/she is grown up. Experience is what you need for your newborn photos. This photos will last very long and it will portray the tininess of your newborn baby.

You need a professional newborn photographer for your baby photoshoot sessions. You can only achieve this with Stephen Bruce. Your babies are certainly going to be born in due time and this one reason why you need to book a photoshoot session as soon as possible and you should do that in your second trimester this will help you avoid any form of disappointment. You and your spouse can plan even earlier than that and this is because a professional will be booked most times; this is why you need to get the services of a professional to get the best photos of your newborn baby.

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Posing For Headshots

Headshots are some of the most interesting photos that you will ever get to pose for.

headshots los angelesYou will either need them for corporate needs or for commercial needs. Models and actors and people with the commercial photography industry are always in need of headshots and are actually quite skilled in posing for headshots but if you aren’t one by profession, then this is probably something that is quite challenging to go through with at some point or so. Luckily for you, there are a lot of things that you can make arrangements for and this is the kind of thing that you ought to take into account when you are trying to pose for headshots Los Angeles at the end of the day. The truth of the matter is that you don’t have to be wary of the camera at all. Here are a few tips that you can take into account in order to get things figured out the right way.

Think about how your hair looks like.

It might seem like a bit of a stretch in the beginning but the truth is that there is so much going on with the hair that you need to start paying attention to how it comes off looking like in front of the camera. Although people are usually quite quick to think of the hair as something that is not that much a part of the body to begin with, this actually couldn’t be further from the truth. The hair is every bit a part of your body as with the rest of all of your other body parts. There are a lot of things that you can do to make sure that your hair posed the right way and you can actually control it if you have the right intentions and plans in mind for it when you are posing for headshots Los Angeles.

If you have long hair, then bad hair is the first thing that you need to be worried about. After all, no matter how good you may look, it will ruin your headshots Los Angeles altogether if you have bad hair and that is something that you should do something about no matter what happens. The thing is, there is no one single solution to ensuring that you have the best hairstyle in your headshots Los Angeles. Everyone’s hair and face shape is different. You should go out of your way to make sure that you will be able to figure out the best fit for you and for your particular face shape and hair during the photo session with your headshot photographer. Don’t allow your hair to just sit on your shoulders. You should decide on either holding your hair up or down and if you do decide to hold the hair down, then don’t have them sit carelessly on your shoulders after all has been said and done.

Pull your chin forward.

This will help you get rid of any unnecessary folds when you are getting your headshots Los Angeles taken. Regardless of how skinny you may be, there is bound to be a flab or two or more showing right under your chin when you are standing or sitting in a relaxed stance. You will have a far better chance at good looking headshots if you make sure that your chin is tucked in and pulled forward accordingly so make it a point to take this into advisement when you are posing in front of the camera. This is the type of thing that requires conscious effort as well so try to pay attention all the time and make it a point to always keep this at the back of your head no matter what happens.

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How To Settle Down With A Wedding Photographer Option

Settle of a wedding date before you head out there.

Southampton wedding photographerStart looking for a professional Southampton wedding photographer to book for the wedding. Your photographer is bound to ask you about this and when he does, you best have an answer while you are at it. You have to understand that this is one of the most important things that you need to know right off the bat. Without a solid date, you won’t really have anything worth looking into booking wise. Your Southampton wedding photographer will not be able to reserve his itinerary or book anything out in his itinerary if he doesn’t know what your date for the wedding will turn out to be and this is the main reason why you really need to do something about this.

Ask how and when to book

It would also make sense to ask your potential Southampton wedding photographer how far in advance you need to book and perhaps even put up a certain down payment. Some photographers require months and months of booking in advance while some are fine with having you booked on the fly and this is why open communication will always turn out to be the key to your success at the end of the day. if you don’t want to end up running out of options and being backed into a corner and forced to book someone that you don’t even like too much or are overly impressed with in the first place, then you should make it a point to book the Southampton wedding photographer that you like ahead of time when it all comes down to it.

Ask number of weddings covered.

When you are booking a Southampton wedding photographer, you should try to ask him how many weddings he has managed to shoot so far. There should turn out to be a fairly healthy balance between the number of years that he has managed to say in the business as well as the number of weddings that he has actually managed to shoot during those said years. Things like this are extremely important and should actually turn out to be the type of thing that you should be taking into account when it all comes down to it.

Determine photography style

Make it a point to determine the photography style of the Southampton wedding photographer that you are planning on booking as well and whether or not it is the type of thing that is in line with what you are looking for somewhere along the way. if you are looking for a particular theme when it comes to the photography style or approach of your wedding photography coverage, then try to filter down your search based on the photography style that your potential Southampton wedding photographer tends to identify himself with the most as well.

Finding a really great Southampton wedding photographer is fairly easy. You zero your search down to the local listings and you are bound to see someone fairly worth spending your time on reviewing. Check out http://www.jessicahaymanphotography.co.uk so that you can get started.

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Wedding Photography in Lancashire: 7 Vital Tips to Consider

wedding photography LancashireToday’s inexpensive digital cameras can make anyone feel like a professional in photography. But there is so much more in wedding photography because you deserve more than just taking shots easily. After your wedding day, it will be your wedding pictures that will make you treasure those once-in-a-lifetime moments with your partner. You need to choose wisely and know all about wedding photography Lancashire; here are some vital tips for you to know along with it are important questions to ask a wedding photographer before making that final decision.


  • Tip 1- Ask for samples before hiring a photographer in Lancashire. How many completed wedding events has he shot? This type of question and more will do justice before hiring that photographer for your wedding day
  • Tip 2-   How can you preserve my wedding pictures? How long does it take to keep them safe? Can I come in ten years’ time and replace my photo album if it eventually gets missing? These are some of the questions you need to consider before you employ a wedding photographer.
  • Tip 3- One of the vital things you need to consider in wedding photography Lancashire is the professionalism and equipment that are used to taking wedding photos. You do not want to take photo shots with crude tools, would you? Note if your photographer has backup equipment if anything happens to the camera during the wedding. Does he bring an extra lighting along if it is required? All these questions need to be taking into consideration.
  • Tip 4- Before hiring a photographer for your wedding you need to take a careful look at the quality of pictures that are going to be produced by this photographer. You need to ask questions like, Do you use professional photo lab to print out pictures? Are my photos going to be of top-quality and not fade? These are real questions that you need to ask before hiring.
  • Tip 5- You need to consider how experienced he might be. It is very vital to ask questions on how long he has been a wedding photographer. After asking these questions, you need to see some of his photo albums to access his works and style in photography.
  • Tip 6- You need to inquire how long it will take for you to access your wedding pictures and this has to be done to avoid any form of delay.
  • Tip 7- You need to ask what the method he uses for reviewing, selecting and editing his final pictures for photo albums

Skilled photographers have great insights on how to produce beautiful wedding pictures that echo the type of image you desire. And perfect wedding photography Lancashire goes beyond the actual shoots to the product you need. Before hiring a wedding photographer, you need to do some assessments to get the best for your wedding that will make you jubilant on a long run. Moreover, you can check Nichola Morton Photography for more exciting details and ideas about photographs that would reflect that special day of yours.

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How To Plan Out Your Wedding Video Footage

wedding videoWhen you are planning out someone that you would like to hire out in your wedding to shoot your wedding video at some point or so, then you should try to see to it that you are in line with the wedding videographer on everything that you are trying to pull off. Wedding videos are extremely important and this is something that you ought to try to check out in all of the best ways that you possibly can. One thing that you should try to take note of is the fact that a lot of the wedding photographers out there also shoot wedding videos on the side. If you are trying to knock off some kind of bargain both on your wedding photos and wedding videos, then you should make it a point to aim for a bundled up package at some point or so. When you bundle up your wedding photography and videography packages, the professional handling the services will usually be more than willing to cut back on the price rates and this is the type of thing that you could really take advantage of if you would like something like this to work out in your favor.

Story or plot

The next step in planning a wedding Newcastle out the right way is by making sure that you have a story or some kind of plot. Talk this out with your wedding videographer. Make it a point to plan this out with him looped in every step of the way. Wedding videos can be tough and a bit of a handful to have to shoot but it will be even more so if you don’t have a solid plan mapped out for you ahead of time. Think about the kind of sequence that you would like your wedding video to pan out with. Go for a theme that you would really love to have the most. It can be a storyline of your story as a couple or it can be a movie that you are really quite in love with or something that is fairly similar to that. Whatever it is, make it a point to go ahead and talk it out with the wedding videographer of your choice because he is bound to have a lot of wonderful and useful inputs that he can bring in during the whole planning process. Knowing what progression you should be getting into for the wedding video Newcastle that is about to be shot is extremely important and you need to make sure that this is something that pans out the right way at some point or so.

Wedding venue

The wedding venue is extremely important. You need to make sure that at the end of the day, the videographer is more than capable of checking out all of the different nooks and crannies of the wedding venue that you are holding the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception in at the end of the day. An ocular visit will turn out to be one of the most important things that you need to take into account. Spend some time with your videographer while you can. Visit the place early on so that you get to know for sure that this is something that works out for you the right way at the end of the day. Check out the profile of Philip Ryott Photo and Films for a videographer who is versatile with wedding venues.

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Saving Money on Your Wedding

Think about the rest of all of the other unconventional places that you can get married in.

It doesn’t have to be in a hotel or in a church all of the time. If you have watched Sex and the City, you will know that Carrie Bradshaw found the perfect venue to get married in when she stumbled upon a historic local library. Although the wedding turned out to be a bust since Mr. Big didn’t show up, you should still be able to take away wedding photographer Londonthe idea that you don’t have to get tied down to the confines of a hotel or a resort in order for you to have a picturesque wedding venue. You can go for an old but well maintained library or even a historic university. Given the fact that these places don’t really book weddings for a living, you might be able to get a price cut from this and it could mean saving your wedding budget by and large so that you have more money to allocate to other important wedding services such as professional wedding photography which, as you may know, doesn’t really come cheap at the end of the day.

Hold your reception party in a restaurant.

When you come to think about it, it makes perfect sense. Why bother getting a caterer to charge you extra for having to shuttle off some food, cutleries, plates and glasses and the like to a certain venue when you can have all that ready to go in a tastefully decorated restaurant? You will even have the ambiance down pat and they probably won’t charge you anything extra for the place since you are there for the food and for the drinks to begin with. You just need to be practical with the way that you handle things because this could all work out for you the right way when it all comes down to it.

A courthouse wedding isn’t as crazy as it sounds and it can actually turn out to look really great because it means that you have more money to spend on the reception and on the honeymoon. A lot of courthouses are actually well decorated and it tends to have a certain novelty to it. Plus, you will only be spending the ceremony there. You can go all out on your wedding lunch or dinner and the ensuing events after that.

Limit the number of hours that you are booking your professional wedding photographer London for.

You don’t need to have a wedding photographer on deck from start to finish. Getting ready photos are great and all that but at the end of the day, they really aren’t all that much of a requirement and this is something that you ought to take into account when it all comes down to it. Put a wedding photographer on deck for about 3 hours or so and nothing more. Besides, the most important part of the wedding is during the wedding ceremony. You can pretty much wing it once the ceremony has professional photography coverage. Go for this high level London wedding photographer London (mattbadenoch.com).

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